How to buy a busyboard with all 6 simple STEM machines

How to buy a busyboard with all 6 simple STEM machines

How to buy a busyboard with all 6 simple STEM machines 1437 814 Vera Karimova

When you buy a busy board, you expect a couple of hours of fun. But what you and your baby actually can get is a multi-functional non-plastic toy that can serve for years and even generations.

Make or buy a busyboard to create an ultimate experience for the baby. Here the most fascinating objects are united in a fun and safe exploration space for young mechanics and tinkerheads of any gender.

With the busy boards, the 1-2-year-old toddlers learn using gravity with the inclines and tubes.

3-4-year-old kids research levers and build cable cars with the pulleys.

And the 7-year olds come up with the most creative uses: they play boards as musical instruments, or incorporate in their fort builds.

Tinkering with the busy board gives an enormous boost to engineering thinking. To keep the things interesting, make sure to include in your busyboard the elements for different ages.

I’ve been amazed by the level of ease at which my then 3-year old started combining the various parts and pieces. Anything he found around the house, he made into his own inventions or works of contemporary art.

Turned out that aside from the sensory and problem-solving, his busyboard has brought a huge boost to his mechanics and technical knowledge.

What are the 6 simple STEM machines?

In a nutshell, these were the 6 first devices with few or no moving parts, used by humanity for easing up their daily tasks.

They are:

1. Incline

An inclined plane has been famously used for unbelievable creations since the Pyramids. Add several inclined inch-wide planks to the busyboard and get rewarded with the straight hours of your toddler just projecting all round objects they can get down the ramps.

2. Lever

Lever is the long line where we apply the force from one end to move the other one. We are using levers every day, from the wrenches to the one-handed bandits, and from light switches to the toilet flush handles. To add a lever to the sensory board, simply throw in a door handle. It gives the perfect idea about the lever mechanics, powers, and tensions.

3. Pulley

The first guy who figured out that it’s much easier to lift a thing with a rope thrown over a tree branch was a game-changer. We’re all merely users. An irreplaceable busyboard element to learn about weights and motions is this bright pulley. Add a rope with carbines on the ends for a makeshift cargo weight.

4. Wheel and Axle

The first wheels were the potters wheels, and only later the wooden wheels with axles were made and used for the one-wheeled wheelbarrows. The rest is history. Put a wheel on your busy board and tell your little human a quick story about how this simple circle took us to where we are now.

5. Screw

The first screws were made by early tribes from bone, stone, and metal. What’s remarkable is that in all separated early communities screws always go in clockwise. To represent the screw principle on busy board, our hits are the Jar top for homemade option, or the nut-and-bolt set.

6. Wedge

Wedge helps to use the density and geometry laws to multiply our efforts in parting or disassembling, lifting objects, and can also hold them in place.

Get a funny shaped wedge door stopper and attach it. Now your baby can put it under the doors and velcro pieces to pop them open.

Just as your baby is taking her very first steps, her brain is taking first steps on the path of soaking up the knowledge. She has to slurp everything accumulated by the civilizations over centuries, in several short years. Give her a head-start and buy a busyboard with these 6 basics neatly included in the bright and bold toddler activity toy.

When I buy a busy board, what exactly does it teach my child?

Many parents keep asking, how exactly the busyboards aid the problem-solving and development? They give a fundamental understanding of the common mechanisms at a very early age, in a safe space.

a kid playing with a busyboard sensory board activity board activity toy outside on the playground

By combining otherwise scattered or unreachable parts together in the play, kids get a great boost in the inventiveness and open-ended thinking. When you buy a busyboard with all these 6 simple STEM machines incorporated and tell your kids all about them, it gives them an amazing and very potential nugget of knowledge.

And as they grow up, you will see them applying it on every step.

What we love the most about busyboards?

The best thing about activity boards is the versatility of the elements that can be used. Therefore, the multitude of challenges, abilities, talents, or sensory quirks that can be addressed with them, is endless.

If your little ones love sounds, get more bells and buttons. For the geeky heads, pick magnifying glass and code locks.

It’s so cool to be able to include all the most beneficial parts for each particular baby on the busy board.

We hope this post helped you to understand better how to buy a busyboard that will be of the best fit for your engineering-inspired toddler. To buy this and the other kinds of OyBoy busyboards, simply drop us a note at Order. Stay tuned, more good things are coming!

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The busyboard provides compelling visual and auditory feedback to simple touch input, providing hours of intense sensory fun that kids enjoy.

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